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Electric cars a few big problem 2
2011-09-13 by seoer1

First: the battery performance degradation?
Battery performance will decline, and the improper use was also declining rapidly. Buy a new phone can stand three days, but only two days after six months, one year after the only adhere to one day, and then later to carry the charger, so I believe everyone is familiar with the experience. So the 150 km have been very poor mileage, and slowly turned into 120,100, or 80 km when the car you drive or do not open it?
Second: Safety?
Auto manufacturers have said this problem has been solved, it seems very easy to solve. Security Center in VOLVO, I have personally witnessed the crash test electric car experiment. But the experiment is always experimental, explosives and can hurt cell phone, a big electric Golf Cars battery pack, in case a situation, the situation must be very serious.

Third: The power come from?
Manufacturers are keen to talk about zero-emission electric vehicles, but if we consider the link from the beginning to get electricity, the so-called "Well to Wheel" the entire process of point of view, but not necessarily environmentally friendly electric vehicle program. Because for one kwh of energy, CO2 emissions from direct combustion of gasoline is about 310 grams, and if it is to use coal power generation, I'm sorry, emissions of up to 832 ~ 1032 g. China more than 7 percent of electricity from thermal power, that is, not a low-carbon electric vehicles in China, but the high-carbon.
Fourth: The long oil?
In the foreseeable future, oil-based fossil fuels will remain dominant. OPEC Secretary-General Baddeley said recently that world oil reserves to meet future world energy needs for 50 years. The transition period for the pure electric power chair, is not a bit too long? Period may be hybrid, plug-in hybrid, extended-range electric vehicle, is a better solution. As Didier Leroy, president of Toyota Europe, the Paris Motor Show said: "Hybrid technology can meet the real needs, but also for the future of electric and hydrogen fuel cell technology to provide ready-made technology platform."

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