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Light Weight Mobility Scooter

Features & Benefits
• Adjustable Handlebar Assembly
• Easily dismantled into 4 parts for transportation by car.
• If required the battery is easily removed for charging.
• Quick release for seat removal and seat post Height Adjustment
• Swivel Seat for Easy Access
• Armrest Adjustment
• Handlebar Assembly Lock
• Dash Controls

Dimensions(mm): 990 X 500 X 850
Packing size(mm): 1300 X 560 X 520
Ground clearance: 60mm
N.W.: 45.2kg (including 2 batteries 8.5kg)
Max. speed: 6.4km/h
Max. load capacity: 113kg
Turning radius: 0.85m
Tires: 8"
Motor: 120W/3300RPM
Battery: 12V12AH X 2
Charge time: 10-12hrs Recommended



Name:Ball car
How to drive a golf cart ?
The players do not need to license the court kickoff cars, but the premise is that you must understand the basic knowledge in the field driving, driving while neither destroy the stadium turf, they do not offend other players and be able to do. Driving motorized ball car should maintain a constant speed to avoid due to the accelerated noisier. The carriageway should always pay attention to play around. Once someone is preparing to hit the ball, you must stop and wait until he hit the ball after the car continued to travel again to launch the ball. In which season and course conditions different ball will implement the a different ball car driving rules, the most common, there are two: Ball car limited to traveling on the driveway - the rules apply to the marshy ground stadium, the purpose is to avoid the The ball car tires strife the fairway turf damage. ● 90 degree rule - the rule requires that the ball a vehicle in the lane, to reach a position flush with the falling ball point , Can turn a 90 degree angle, directly across the fairway to open next to the ball position. When the players hit the ball before the ball car original Open the way back to the fairway to continue moving forward. Implementation of the 90-degree rule both players drove to the ball next to, but also the most Small degrees of injury fairway grass. It must be borne in mind in any stadium in any case, whether it is golf cart or carts are strictly prohibited on (push) on the greens and tee areas, otherwise would cause serious damage to the stadium, it is inexcusable. Usually the court will have a nameplate indicating golf cart driving and parking area, the players should be strictly followed.